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All items in the furniture range have been styled along traditional, antique designs and in some cases have been copied from original pieces. Each item has been designed to demonstrate authenticity of style, proportion and functionality. The overall strength of the product is that prospective buyers don’t have to know too much about antiques to appreciate pieces that are aesthetically pleasing or “just right”. Any piece from this collection could proudly sit with similar antique pieces and not look out of place.

The furniture is made from old, recycled pine. Only solid timbers are used as opposed to manufactured board such as MDF. We have found that by using recycled pine the cost can be kept down and the stability of the timber is quite high. Traditional cabinet making techniques are employed throughout, for example: mortice and tenon joints throughout the pieces, dovetails on drawers with solid fielded bottoms let into drawer sides, floating panels are employed in doors and sides of units and intricate relief carvings done by hand.

The painted finish is designed to simulate an antique piece that has been painted at some stage in its life. Each piece is undercoated with a red oxide colour  that is then hand coated over with several layers of cream coloured  paint. Crackling is used sparingly and wear and tear is “applied” thoughtfully onto places that you might expect it to appear, for example around corners, edges, plinths and handles. The overall effect is to simulate the scars of age and authenticity that we term patina.

Above all, aside from having a warmth and character of its own, this functional yet attractive collection fulfills the practical furnishing requirements of today with an extensive range of mix and match pieces plus the added bonus of good looks from a bygone era.